World of Dance Master Class: All Four Classes

World of Dance Master Class: All Four Classes

The World of Dance Master Class Series with Derek Hough gives students exclusive access to one of the top choreographers and dance masters in the industry today. With simple steps, advanced sequences of movement and technical insight, Derek shares first in class lessons for beginners and pros in a personalized experience unlike anything else out there today.

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World of Dance Master Class: All Four Classes

35 Videos

  • Urban Dance - Class Intro

    Derek introduces Keone and Mari Madrid and they discuss their unique style of Urban dance, and what you will learn in this class.

  • Urban Dance - 01. Building Your Groove

    The foundation of Urban dance and Hip Hop is groove. Learn with Derek as Keone and Mari break down groove into isolations that engage different body parts, creating the basic alphabet of the style.

  • Urban Dance - 02. Combining Grooves

    Keone and Mari build onto the isolations and show you how to connect several grooves together.

  • Urban Dance - 03. Arm Waves

    Mari breaks down the isolations that make a perfect arm wave and then layers on elements that take it to the next level

  • Urban Dance - 04. Fancy Feet

    Fast intricate footwork is a signature of Keone and Mari's style. Watch and learn with Derek as they breakdown the basic pattern of foot movement and then layer onto that!

  • Urban Dance - 05. Musicality

    A crucial element of the World of Dance judge criteria is Musicality. Derek, Keone and Mari lead you through an exercise in musicality unlike anything else out there!

  • Urban Dance - 06. Urban Dance Combo

    Taking what we have learned in the previous lessons the team breaks down a fun combo that can get you dancing and grooving in no time.

  • Urban Dance - 07. Final Thoughts

    Derek, Keone and Mari discuss their unique style of Urban Dance and some key tips to remember moving forward!

  • Urban Dance - 08. Performance

    Watch Derek Hough with Keone & Mari perform an original routine where they bring to life key elements from this Urban Dance Master Class!

  • Contemporary - Class Intro

    Derek explains his emotional connection to Contemporary dance, what he learned from it throughout his career and what he is going to teach in this class.

  • Contemporary - 01. Balance

    Derek walks you through several exercises to find and improve your balance.

  • Contemporary - 02. Turns

    From spotting, balance and body alignment, learn several exercises to help you turn like a pro.

  • Contemporary - 03. Contractions And Arms

    Derek breaks down key body mechanics to add dynamic shapes to your torso and arms while you dance.

  • Contemporary - 04. Action/Reaction Combo

    Derek combines several of the lessons in this class to teach you how to channel your partner's energy.

  • Contemporary - 05. Emotion

    Derek breaks down a contemporary dance combo and explores how the emotion behind each move can drive the piece to new heights.

  • Contemporary - 06. Partnerwork and Lifts

    Derek shares some great tips on the proper way to do lifts for both men and women.

  • Contemporary - 07. Final Thoughts & Performance

    Watch Derek Hough and his partner, Kayla Radomski, dance in this emotional performance that brings together all our lessons from this Master Class.

  • Jive - Class Intro

    Watch Derek Hough and his partner, Kayla Radomski, dance in this emotional performance that brings together all our lessons from this Master Class.

  • Jive - 01. Triple Step

    The Triple Step is one of the most essential moves used in the Jive Dance. Learn the basic foot pattern and layer some additional elements to elevate your Jive to the next level.

  • Jive - 02. Rock Step

    Rock steps are a great way to connect to your partner and start moving around the room together. Derek breaks down this styling move that can be applied to other types of dance.

  • Jive - 03. Change of Place Combo

    Derek teaches you how to combine the Triple Step and the Rock Step into a sequence.

  • Jive - 04. Pas De Bourrée

    Both of these classic dance moves are important to master for a proper Jive Dance. Follow Derek as he breaks them down step by step.

  • Jive - 05. Kicks

    Add some kicks to your Jive, low to the ground and quick. They will make you look like a pro and they are a great exercise!

  • Jive - 06. Pretzel Turn

    Learn this cool arm trick from Derek. It looks spectacular and he will have you master it in no time.

  • Jive - 08. Performance

    See Derek Hough and his partner, Yulia Kuznetsova, bring all the lessons from this class to life in this fun and fast Dance Performance!

  • Jive - 07. Jive Combo

    Now it's time to put all the moves together into one longer sequence.

  • Cha Cha Cha - Class Intro

    Derek introduces you to the Cha Cha and what connects him to this energetic, fun and sexy dance style.

  • Cha Cha Cha - 01. Posture

    Posture is key in dance and life. Derek breaks down how the correct body alignment can improve your everyday life and make you look like a pro.

  • Cha Cha Cha - 02. Cha Cha Walks

    The Cha Cha Walk is the most common step in this dance style and an easy way to get you moving around the floor.

  • Cha Cha Cha - 03. Step & Frame

    Learn the Cha Cha Step and how to layer more advanced techniques and elements. Derek finishes the lesson by showing you how to connect with your partner.

  • Cha Cha Cha - 04. Partner Connection

    Derek breaks down the key elements for the correct 'arm connection', so that you and your partner can dance in unison with speed and style.

  • Cha Cha Cha - 05. New Yorkers

    Now that you got the basic moves, learn the classic New Yorker Steps that add a lot of flare to your routine!

  • Cha Cha Cha - 06. Salsa Arm Trick

    This impressive trick looks spectacular and it's easier to execute than it looks. Derek breaks it down step by step so that anyone can do it!

  • Cha Cha Cha - 07. Footwork Combo

    This combination is a mix of all of the moves and tricks we have learned in this series and brings them together into one sequence. Practice and perform it like a pro!

  • Cha Cha Cha - 08. Final Thoughts & Performance

    Watch an incredible Cha Cha performance from Derek Hough and his partner, Yulia Kuznetsova, as well as his final thoughts about this class series.