World of Dance Master Class: Jive

World of Dance Master Class: Jive

Emmy Award-Winning Choreographer Derek Hough brings the Jive dance to life in this new Master Class. The Jive is the fastest of the Latin dances and it’s all about high energy, fun and stamina, which makes it a great work out because it keeps your heartbeat racing the entire time.

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World of Dance Master Class: Jive

9 Videos

  • Jive - Class Intro

    Watch Derek Hough and his partner, Kayla Radomski, dance in this emotional performance that brings together all our lessons from this Master Class.

  • Jive - 01. Triple Step

    The Triple Step is one of the most essential moves used in the Jive Dance. Learn the basic foot pattern and layer some additional elements to elevate your Jive to the next level.

  • Jive - 02. Rock Step

    Rock steps are a great way to connect to your partner and start moving around the room together. Derek breaks down this styling move that can be applied to other types of dance.

  • Jive - 03. Change of Place Combo

    Derek teaches you how to combine the Triple Step and the Rock Step into a sequence.

  • Jive - 04. Pas De Bourrée

    Both of these classic dance moves are important to master for a proper Jive Dance. Follow Derek as he breaks them down step by step.

  • Jive - 05. Kicks

    Add some kicks to your Jive, low to the ground and quick. They will make you look like a pro and they are a great exercise!

  • Jive - 06. Pretzel Turn

    Learn this cool arm trick from Derek. It looks spectacular and he will have you master it in no time.

  • Jive - 07. Jive Combo

    Now it's time to put all the moves together into one longer sequence.

  • Jive - 08. Performance

    See Derek Hough and his partner, Yulia Kuznetsova, bring all the lessons from this class to life in this fun and fast Dance Performance!