World of Dance Master Class: Urban Dance

World of Dance Master Class: Urban Dance

Derek Hough in partnership with world-renowned choreographers Keone and Mari Madrid walk you through the grooves and steps of their Hip Hop dance style. Learn as they run through the principles of groove, break down musicality and create sequences that define their unique style.

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World of Dance Master Class: Urban Dance

9 Videos

  • Urban Dance - Class Intro

    Derek introduces Keone and Mari Madrid and they discuss their unique style of Urban dance, and what you will learn in this class.

  • Urban Dance - 01. Building Your Groove

    The foundation of Urban dance and Hip Hop is groove. Learn with Derek as Keone and Mari break down groove into isolations that engage different body parts, creating the basic alphabet of the style.

  • Urban Dance - 02. Combining Grooves

    Keone and Mari build onto the isolations and show you how to connect several grooves together.

  • Urban Dance - 03. Arm Waves

    Mari breaks down the isolations that make a perfect arm wave and then layers on elements that take it to the next level

  • Urban Dance - 04. Fancy Feet

    Fast intricate footwork is a signature of Keone and Mari's style. Watch and learn with Derek as they breakdown the basic pattern of foot movement and then layer onto that!

  • Urban Dance - 05. Musicality

    A crucial element of the World of Dance judge criteria is Musicality. Derek, Keone and Mari lead you through an exercise in musicality unlike anything else out there!

  • Urban Dance - 06. Urban Dance Combo

    Taking what we have learned in the previous lessons the team breaks down a fun combo that can get you dancing and grooving in no time.

  • Urban Dance - 07. Final Thoughts

    Derek, Keone and Mari discuss their unique style of Urban Dance and some key tips to remember moving forward!

  • Urban Dance - 08. Performance

    Watch Derek Hough with Keone & Mari perform an original routine where they bring to life key elements from this Urban Dance Master Class!